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Running is one of the most popular forms of sport in the world. It’s easy and can be done anywhere without equipment or special clothing. But no matter how easy it is to start running, many obstacles still slow you down and make you less efficient. Here are some tips for how to increase your running speed.

Try Running at a Quicker Speed

You will be forced to focus and move your body quickly by starting at a faster pace. This is why running at a fast pace is so important and why trying it out is the best way to see if you’re capable of it. Also, through practicing fast paces, your body adjusts to the speed, making it easier to pick up the pace even more.

Always Count Your Strides

Running is built around quick steps and short, fast strides. When you focus on your strides, it becomes easy to pick up the pace. Also, by counting your steps, it’s easier to tell when you need to increase the speed of your stride or stop running altogether.

More Technique Makes a Better Runner

If you are new to running and have not been taught proper form, start by looking at how professional runners run. Use this information and your body type to see what makes a better runner. Some techniques include swinging your arms and ankles, keeping a low center of gravity, turning at the hips, and staying secure during landing.

Form Is Key in Running

A good running form allows you to be efficient, but if you’re going to practice it, start with a short distance at first. Once you see that you can move at a comfortable speed and use the correct form, gradually increase the distance.

Keep Your Head Up

If your head is down while running, it will most likely cause injury. Keeping your head up can prevent fatigue and use the extra energy to run faster. Looking ahead while running is a good way to improve performance and stay focused on achieving your target speed.

Run More Often

The more often you run, the faster you run. This is because running forms a habit for your body and makes it easier to go faster by simply moving your legs faster. If you want to try out different speeds, don’t go all the way at first. Practice with smaller speed increments and ensure you have plenty of time to slow down if needed.

Running is a great cardio and strength exercise that is enjoyed by many. From running at a walk to trying out different speeds on your favorite route, there are many things that you can do to make yourself a better runner. By practicing these tips, you can find what works best for your particular body type, speed, and goals.