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Nikolas Onoufriadis


Nikolas Onoufriadis is a professional who understands the importance of balancing work and self-care. Nikolas was born and raised in Greece but has lived in the US for 20 years. An avid traveler, Nikolas has been in more than 20 countries for business and personal reasons, which makes him culturally sensitive and a modern-day explorer. He loves interacting with people, being in social environments, helping others, and experiencing new things. A self-proclaimed watch collector and enthusiast, it has been his undying passion and interest over the last 23 years.

Nikolas Onoufriadis graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a specialization in International Relations. At the same time, Nikolas attended Harvard University earning a second Bachelor’s in Psychology. Piqued by his interest in politics and people’s communication practices, Nikolas joined the Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign as the Assistant to the campaign’s Strategic Advisor, where he learned how to organize and inspire large groups of people. 

Seeking to further refine his communication skills and diplomatic abilities, Nikolas attended Suffolk University, where he earned a Master’s degree in Political Science (International Relations), and served as the school’s Ambassador to Greece and Cyprus. Nikolas then went on to get his second Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on Strategic Communications. At the same time, Nikolas joined the Executive Education program at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. While there, his role as the Program Coordinator for Harvard’s Middle East Initiative really exposed Nikolas to his two main interests: combining the art of communicating with real-life socio-political issues across the world. As a result of his commitment, Nikolas proudly received the Certificate of Acknowledgment and Appreciation for his Hard Work and Contribution.

For the next chapter in his life, Nikolas worked as a Mental Health Counselor and Management Consultant at the Institute for Mental Health in Athens, Greece. In that capacity, Nikolas served as an advisor to the Institute, appeared on television and radio programs to address psycho-social concerns, and co-authored various publications disseminated abroad. To this day, that experience has been significant for Nikolas as it exposed him to critical and complicated matters related to people’s relationships, communication practices, and social aspects. Nikolas has long argued that, in addition to his work at Harvard, these experiences laid the foundation for his next decisions in life.

Having acquired the tools needed for his next chapter, Nikolas decided to apply his knowledge and expertise in international business, making it the turning point in his life that built his career to-date. Nikolas accepted a challenging position as the Manager of International Business Development for INTRASOFT International (since acquired by Netcompany), a multinational Group that was looking to aggressively expand into different countries. As part of his role, he developed strategies, discovered new leads, and grew INTRASOFT’s footprint across tens of countries through projects and strategic collaborations. His immense success then led the Group to entrust Nikolas with founding INTRASOFT USA in Boston, where he has led the US operations to this day.

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More importantly, Nikolas is also the Founder and Managing Director of his own consulting firm, Power2U Consulting, specializing in management and business consulting, as well as government relations. Nikolas founded Power2U in 2015, when he decided to combine his cumulative experience in leadership, strategy, management, communication practices, and business growth and apply it to his company. His firm has since tackled complex problems throughout the United States and several countries in Europe, the CIS, and the Middle East. In that capacity, Nikolas has met with Heads of State, political dignitaries and prominent businessmen, and has acquired a tremendous wealth of experience by facilitating government and business meetings, participating in critical discussions and negotiations, and organizing targeted events and fundraisers. 

One of the many ways Nikolas stands out from competitors is his passion for problem-solving and “putting the pieces together”. His previous expertise as a mental health counselor and executive strategist has solidified his appreciation for relationship-building, and has given Nikolas a unique stance on guiding clients to advocate for themselves, see beyond the surface and make the right decisions. Nikolas has always put his faith in people and is very passionate about lessons learned, which he applies to his own life and business. He has learned to adapt to challenges and does not allow setbacks keep him from exploring unfamiliar territories. 

Nikolas is very proud about the fact that he left his home country before the age of 16 to seek a new life for himself, despite extreme difficulties. He now lives in Boston and remains active in charity, philanthropy, and academic mentorship programs. In his free time, he loves to explore and talk about watches and watchmaking, walk around the city of Boston, socialize over dinner, taste different wines, and smoke the occasional cigar.

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