Did you know that being outdoors is not only good for the body but is also good for morale? Think about how many songs you might know that give a picturesque descriptive view of an outdoor scenic marvel, and think about how you feel when singing it or even when the mind is brought to the attention of creating the image mentioned in the audible description of the landscape.

As a whole, our reactions are generally the same. The breath you take gets deeper, a psychosomatic response to the memory of experiencing the outdoors. It is an innate response to want to breathe in that fresh air. Our physical stature is immediately changed. The chest rises when we take in that breath, raising the ribcage and widening the breadth of our lungs. We don’t notice it, but most of us will naturally take a deep breath looking at a gorgeous seascape or a stunning nature scene.

In the outdoors, we are connected, to nature, to ourselves, to the complete cycle of life. Some would even say that being outside is a way to connect to the universe or that it draws those who believe in Him nearer to God. We are less inhibited by mechanical devices and more unbridled to explore and move freely for those who genuinely choose to unplug. The earth has biorhythms, and they can be matched to our own. We can experience the fullness of our being by immersing ourselves in the wilds of natural phenomena.

So we know that even just thinking about being outdoors can positively affect the mind and body. The whole emersion experience achieved by actually going outside and participating in outdoor activities is rewarding to the psyche and has lasting physical benefits. Some of these benefits can be healthier organs and increased energy levels.

The more you are outside and participating in vigorous activity, the more you need to hydrate your body with water. Keeping hydrated will help flush out your kidneys and keep your body running at its peak performance level. It’s like ensuring your car has the fluids it needs to run optimally. When you have a vehicle that is taken care of, it will last a long time and can take you to many places. Having a healthy body can and will contribute to having a healthy mind.